Ethos Cookies



THC 22%

CBG 1%

Flavor & aroma: Pepper
Top effect: Relaxed

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Ethos Cookies puts the talents of breeder Ethos Genetics on full display. This is a solid sativa-dominant hybrid bursting with berry, grapefruit and gassy terps, thanks to its Mandarin Cookies #17 and Colin OG #1 parents; the current version in their genetic library is Ethos Cookies R2, a cross of Ethos Cookies phenotypes #1 and #16. It’s also the definition of bag appeal, with a blizzard of icy trichomes on dense, chunky buds that range in color from lime green to deep purple. While many Cookies and OG strains can settle into a body high, a hit of this will have you ready to seize the day after a mouthful of tangy and zesty terps. Expect energy, focus, and a brighter outlook on life without the grogginess afterwards.



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